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Homeward Statement on COVID-19

Homeward serves as the planning and support agency working to prevent, reduce, and end homelessness in the Greater Richmond region. One of our core functions is to facilitate collaborative service coordination among the providers and partners in the Greater Richmond Continuum of Care, the collaborative, community-wide planning body working to prevent, reduce, and end homelessness. For more information on the Greater Richmond Continuum of Care, please visit www.endhomelessnessrva.org.

To address the increased risks associated with COVID-19 for people experiencing homelessness, Homeward has been working with the Daily Planet Health Services, our shelter and housing program partners, and our local government partners to assess, develop, and deploy strategies to continue to meet the needs of people experiencing homelessness during this crisis and to expand the capacity of our homeless services system to meet the needs.

This situation is fast-moving and evolving, but our decades of coordinated service planning have enabled our partners to rapidly adapt to this new situation. While our shared community goal has always been to end a household’s experience of homelessness through housing and supportive services (including employment), our collective work is grounded in our commitment to the health, safety, and dignity of each person.

Homeward is supporting and connecting our service provider partners to implement safety protocols to continue to serve people experiencing homelessness during this crisis. We are also working with the City of Richmond and others to address the urgent needs of unsheltered individuals who may be at increased risk of disease transmission.

We are gathering information on donations needed so that our partners can continue to provide the care and support that our neighbors in crisis will require in the coming days and weeks.

As these resources and plans are developed, they will be posted here www.homewardva.org.

Thank you for your support of Homeward and our partners. To learn more about how you can help, visit http://www.homewardva.org/get-involved/what-you-can-do.

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5 Minute Requests


"I have studied many languages-French, Spanish and a little Italian, but no one told me that Statistics was a foreign language.” 
― Charmaine J. Forde  

Most people who have partnered with Homeward’s Director of Research and Evaluation, Margot Ackermann, know that Margot has an incredible ability to translate the conversations we have with people experiencing homelessness into data and information that tells our community how we are doing in our collective efforts to make homelessness rare, brief, and one-time. Margot oversees the Homeward Community Information System (HCIS) and the regional point-in-time counts. These two data sources together provide both cross-sectional data (snapshots of homelessness on a given day) and longitudinal data (trends over time). These data sources provide powerful and compelling information for all of us as we work together to continuously improve our coordinated response to the crisis of homelessness.  Full reports can be found here: http://www.homewardva.org/data/trends.

At Homeward, we use data which comes from the conversations with people in crisis to guide our planning and support functions for the Greater Richmond Continuum of Care. Margot and Kelly King Horne, Homeward’s Executive Director, have worked together since 2007. Along with the other staff members at Homeward, Margot and Kelly have developed a productive partnership to use data on homelessness in our community to drive decision-making. Often, Kelly will ask Margot for insight into a community issue based on available data. In order to gauge whether the question is readily available for analysis or if the request would require complicated data matching and statistical analysis, Kelly will ask Margot if her request is a “5 minute request.” These 5 minute requests typically address specific questions asked by our partners or potential partners about the experiences of subpopulations experiencing homelessness  or potential overlaps between homeless services and other systems of care.

In 2019, we want to share these insights with all of you through a new e-newsletter. We hope you find our “5 minute requests” useful and invite you to submit suggestions for future data insights to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..




Click here to access the 5 Minute Requests Archive


HCIS Report Library

Homeward creates custom reports in response to requests from Partner Agencies, and maintains all reports in a “Report Library.” Some reports are distributed to all Partner Agencies, others are sent by request. If you have questions about reports, wish to receive an existing report, or wish to place a request for a new report, please contact Tonya Harris.

Examples of reports

Monthly for All programs

“Last month” reports are sent to partner agencies at the beginning of each month based on the previous month’s activity.

  • Program activity [71 KB] is a summary of entries, exits, services, needs, infractions, and license use during the month (see the community summary [62 KB])
  • Active Clients [77 KB] is a list of clients enrolled in the program, with a summary of entries and exits
  • HCIS Data Coverage sample [94 KB] lists all clients entering the program during the month, and presents a checklist format of minimum data elements
  • Data Coverage of Services [117 KB] lists all clients receiving services during the month, and presents a checklist format of minimum data elements (programs reporting both entries and services will receive the Data Coverage of Entries report)

See HUD Exchange for more information on HUD required data elements.

Available by request

Other custom reports have been designed to suit needs that vary by program or agency. Some focus on a particular program or funding source. Summary reports are used for community planning.

These reports are available by request:

New reports

The creation of new reports is guided by the Steering Committee, which advises Homeward on the content of existing reports and prioritizes the development of new reports.

Reports generally require time, effort, and planning to be reliable. If you need a custom report, don’t wait until the last minute. Let Homeward know as soon as possible: think about what you need, who requires it, and how it will be submitted. The general rule is: If it goes in, we can get it out. If it does not go in, we cannot get it out.

Many simple requests for data can be answered using the ReportWriter tool.

Please click on the link to view the job description and application process.

Care Coordinator

PT Diversion Specialist

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