Homeward takes a data-driven approach to ending homelessness. We collect data in two ways: bi-annually through out January and July point-in-time counts of people experiencing homelessness as well as through the Homeward Community Information System (HCIS) database. Point-in-time data allows us to track changes in the rate of homelessness, and population-specific trends over time. Comprehensive real-time data from HCIS allows us to track program and system-level performance outcomes, service utilization and availability, and longitudinal information and demographics for those who enter and exit from our system.

Beyond collecting data, Homeward utilizes this information to be in compliance with state and federal reporting mandates, to guide system-level planning for the Greater Richmond Continuum of Care Board, to inform and guide population and initiative-specific workgroups, and to hold ourselves accountable for reaching the goals of the regional Ten Year Plan to Prevent and End Homelessness implemented in 2008.

Find our most recent Point-in-Time data here.

Annual Reports to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development:

AHAR 2013-2014 Local Report with Estimates
AHAR 2013-2014 Demographics

AHAR 2013-2014 Lengths of Stay
AHAR 2013-2014 Prior Living

AHAR 2013-2014 Data Summary: Veterans
AHAR 2013-2014 Demographics: Veterans
AHAR 2013-2014 Lengths of Stay: Veterans
AHAR 2013-2014 Prior Living: Veterans

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