Homeward's Executive Director, Kelly King Horne had the privilege of guest blogging for Leadership Metro Richmond (LMR), a community leadership development and engagement organization. Kelly is an alumni of the LMR's Leadership Quest Program (Class of 2011). Her blog discusses how Homeward uses data to support our work in homeless services and why other leaders should look to data to improve organizational capacity. Read the blog post here.

The National Homeless Persons’ Memorial Service honors the lives of our neighbors who passed away while experiencing homelessness over the past 12 months. Homeward and St. Paul’s Episcopal Church partner each year to coordinate the Richmond region’s recognition of those lives lost here at home.

We invite you to join us for the ceremony on the longest night of the year, Thursday December 21, 2017 at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church. The service will begin at 4:00 p.m. St. Paul’s is located at 815 E Grace St, Richmond, VA 23219. Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more details.

2010 Courtyard view

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Family Shelter and Housing Coordinator

Singles Shelter and Housing Coordinator


Randall Hicks Award- Fletcher Johnson, Liberation Veteran Services

Steve Neathery Award- Geenen Howard, Housing Families First

Homeward Volunteer- Karen Stanley, CARITAS

Homeward Community Champion Award- Bill Shelton

Homeward Community Connector Award- Matt Leslie


Steve Neathery Award: Freddie Gibbs, The Daily Planet

Randall Hicks Award: Carolyn Leung, CARITAS

Community Champion Award: Richmond's First Baptist Church

Zero:2016 Leadership Award: Jacob Snow, Commonwealth Catholic Charities


Randall Hicks Award: Georgi Fisher

Steve Neathery Award: Jimmy Fenner

Innovation in Homeless Services Award: Greater Richmond Regional Hotline

Community Champion Award: Darcy Oman, The Community Foundation

Zero:2016 Leadership Award: Celie Weaver, VA Supportive Housing


 Randall Hicks Award: Crystal Rivera

Steve Neathery Award: Lindell Sykes

Outstanding Faith Partner Award: Cool Spring Baptist Church

Special Commendation for Services to People Experiencing Homelessness: Commonwealth Catholic Charities 

Homeward Volunteer of the Year Award: Christy Jones

Bon Secours Community Impact Award: James E. Ukrop

Outstanding Business Partner Award: Capital One


Randall Hicks Award: Tenelle Walker

Steve Neathery Award: Greg Johnson Innovation in Homeless Services Provision: Richmond Area Collaborative to End Chronic Homelessness

Bon Secours Outstanding Community Partner: Furniture and Restoration Team of Specialists

Outstanding Volunteer: Natalie May


Randall Hicks Award: Walter Randall

Steve Neathery Award: Calendria Jones Innovation in Homeless Services Provision: Flager Services for Homeless Families

Bon Secours Outstanding Business Partnership: Freedom House and Admiral Security

Outstanding Board Member: Ali Fannon and Tom Thomson

Homeward's Volunteer of the Year: Dr. Beverly Aurand

2011 Innovation in Homeless Services Provision: Project HOPE Unit

Outstanding Business Partnership: CARITAS and Estes Trucking

Outstanding Board Member or Volunteer: Channy Franko and Lynn Bevins

Excellence in Case Managment Private Sector: Virginia Supportive Housing Housing Team

Randall Hicks Award: Rick Harris

Steve Neathery Award: Donna Rowe

Homewaed's Volunteer of the Year: Providence UMC Missions Team


Innovation in Homeless Services Provision: Virginia Supportive Housing

Outstanding Business Partnership: Caritas and PODS

Outstanding Board Member or Volunteer: Anna McKenney

Excellence in Case Management Private Sector: Cheryl Hunt

Randall Hicks Award: Ashley Menendez 

Steve Neathery Award: Charles Fitzgerald

Homeward's Volunteer of the Year: Jenny Bliley

Homeward's Connecting Compassion to Solutions Lifetime Achievement Award: Jerry Chaney

Conference Programs:













Airport Delays, Coordinated Access, and System Improvement

Traveling across the country from Richmond, Virginia to Oakland, California is always a process. Before I would get to my final destination, the National Conference on Ending Family and Youth Homelessness, I would need to arrive at the airport at 4:30 a.m., make two connecting flights in Atlanta and then Phoenix, and then finally land in Oakland around 3:30 p.m. PST. By the time I got to Phoenix awaiting my last connecting flight at 2:00 p.m. MST, I was hungry, exhausted, and ready to get on with my day.

Airports are access points in a system where individuals move from point A to point B. As I awaited my flight, I thought about how this is similar to individuals and families accessing a homeless services crisis response system looking to move from homelessness to safe and stable permanent housing. Standardized processes are utilized to facilitate these motions, and both systems depend on the availability and coordination of resources and staff to achieve their goals. To get passengers from Phoenix to Oakland, we needed a functional plane and a prepared flight crew. To return individuals and families from shelter to permanent housing, we need affordable and adequate housing to be available and quality case managers to facilitate the process.



Yes, we can end homelessness





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