Our updated regional strategic plan, The Road Home, finishes the work we started in 2007. Together we have 4 goals that will help us ensure that homelessness becomes rare, brief, and non-recurring in our community.

These goals are:

• To establish a coordinated entry system that is housing first and easy for our neighbors in crisis to access
• To cultivate strategic partnerships with other sectors to address critical gaps in homeless services and affordable housing
• To use data to improve people’s lives and to sharpen our program offerings
• To increase the support and commitment of regional policy makers for these efforts.

We have had difficult conversations and made significant changes as we have followed our shared path towards ending homelessness. We know we still have hard work to do—harder work, even. Some say that the most difficult part of a 1,000 mile journey is the first step. Well, we’ve all taken that step and have seen the results for the thousands of neighbors who are no longer homeless or who gained the dignity of housing before it was too late.
I say the most difficult part is staying on the road even when it is hard or uncomfortable. As we continue on The Road Home, we must not get distracted by picturesque side lanes or nice quiet parklets where everyone gets along and is comfortable.
To help all Richmonders have stable housing, we will continue on this road together. The Road Home.


Click here to read our updated regional plan, The Road Home.

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