Twice a year, Homeward leads a Point-in-Time count. This one-day census give us the opportunity to hear from our neighbors experiencing homelessness so that our community can build the resources that can help them overcome their crisis.

In the survey this July, we surveyed 389 adults experiencing homelessness. We asked them what the primary cause of their homelessness was, and 34 people (8.7%) indicated that the reason was eviction. (The most common reasons people gave were unemployment (23.7%), family/relationship breakdown (20.6%), cost of housing (9.8%), drug/alcohol abuse (9.3%), and then eviction (8.7%)).eviction

We asked the following three questions related to evictions:

In the past three years, have you been kicked out or evicted by your landlord?

104 (26.7%) people indicated that they had been kicked out or evicted in the past three years. Clients who said that they hadn’t are not included in the statistics below.

Where did you live after being kicked out or evicted by your landlord?

Over half of clients indicated that they were homeless after being kicked out or evicted. The most common answer provided was an unsheltered location (40.4% of those who said they had been kicked out/evicted in the previous question), followed by family and friends (26.0%), a hotel/motel (14.4%), shelter (12.5%), their own housing (4.8%), and an institution (1.9%).

Before you were kicked out or evicted, did you get a legal notice saying that you needed to leave the place you lived by a certain date and time?

Of those who said they had been kicked out or eviction, a majority (64.4%) indicated that they had received a legal notice specifying a date/time they needed to leave.

To learn more about evictions in Virginia and find out how you can help prevent them, visit

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