July 2012 Summer Point in Time Count Summer Data

Preliminary Data Shows Programmatic Changes Making a Difference

Homeward, the Greater Richmond region’s planning and coordinating agency for homeless services, today released initial findings from its 6th Annual Summer Point-in-Time Count. The twice-yearly census provides a snapshot of the number of people living in homeless shelters or sleeping in places not meant for human habitation on a single day. Preliminary results reveal 907 people in the region experiencing homelessness on July 26, 2012. This number reflects a 3.3% decrease in the total number of people experiencing homelessness since July 2011 and a 15% decrease since the peak of summer homelessness in 2009. Compared to the summer of 2011, the most significant findings are the 7.0% decrease in the number of people living on the streets and in encampments and the 20.2% decrease in the number of homeless children in our region.

July 2012 Point in Time Results

Overall Population
July 2007
July 2008
July 2009
July 2010
July 2011
July 2012
Total Point in Time 940 958 1,061 891 961 907
Total Children in Point in Time Count 138 153 155 143 169 135
Unsheltered Population
Unsheltered 138 146 135 119 130 119

July 2011 Point-In-Time Count
Overall Population
Total Point in Time 907 3.3% increase
Total Children in Point in Time Count 1135 20.2% increase
Unsheltered Population
Unsheltered 119 7.0% increase

July 2011

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  • These data show the positive impact of the programmatic and strategic innovations in our regional homeless services systems. Public and private human service agencies and housing providers are focusing on helping families and individuals stay in their housing when possible and to quickly return to stable housing. Initiatives laid out in our regional strategic plan have benefitted households in our region since the implementation of these programs in 2009.

    In addition to performing a count of people experiencing homelessness, individuals also completed a detailed survey conducted by local volunteers. Answers to the 70-question survey are used to obtain specific information on how to better respond to the issue of homelessness.

    The primary site for the count and survey was the weekly lunch program at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Richmond and included a resource fair with medical screenings, flu shots, benefits information, veterans’ services and free haircuts. The point-in-time count was also conducted in secondary areas in the City of Richmond and the counties of Chesterfield, Hanover and Henrico in cooperation with local social services and law enforcement agencies and area shelter staff. For a complete list of partner agencies Click Here