We know that having regular and accurate local data is key to developing targeted strategies and
appropriate long-term solutions to homelessness. Homeward's data collection and analysis involves two
primary processes mandated by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development: the Homeward
Community Information System (HCIS) and the Point in Time (PIT) count. HCIS allows Homeward, as well as
our community, to assess how long people are homeless, what their needs are, what the causes of
homelessness are, how people interact with mainstream systems of care, the effectiveness of interventions,
and the number of people experiencing homelessness. With this data, Homeward is able to lead the region in
developing a plan to end homelessness, evaluate program outcomes and the cost-effectiveness of various
interventions, and properly allocate resources to have the maximum impact. Through the PIT count,
Homeward coordinates the effort to get information on specific regional subpopulations including chronically
homeless persons, veterans, and unaccompanied youth. Homeward’s PIT count occurs twice annually in
January and July, and has counts for both sheltered and unsheltered persons.

Homeward’s comprehensive data collection and analysis is critical for the region for the following
reasons: 1) Through our data, we get a shared understanding of what the regional homeless problem looks
like and of what we are currently doing to address the crisis. This shared understanding is a critical starting
point in all conversations with our partners focused on ending homelessness as it helps to guide our
discussions and our work. 2) Our data drives program improvement and helps us share information on what
makes programs successful. Through our data, we are also able to regularly track progress towards reaching
our community's performance measurements and shared objectives. It allows us to better understand
whether current activities are working to end homelessness by looking at trends over time, lengths of shelter
stays, the rate of return to homelessness, who is experiencing homelessness, and which types of interventions
are being deployed..

Find our most recent Point-in-Time data here.

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Key indicators and trends

Highlights from past Point-in-Time counts and more.

HCIS: Real-time data

The Homeward Community Information System (HCIS) is a HIPAA-compliant online database by social service providers to record information on client needs, characteristics, and services.

Why data is critical

The Homeward Community Information System (HCIS) iHomeward serves as the central resource for real-time community-level data including documented service outcomes. Learn more about important ways we utilize our datas a HIPAA-compliant online database by social service providers to record information on client needs, characteristics, and services.


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