In the last several weeks, eviction rates in Richmond have received both national and localkkhorne attention leading to calls for reform from many community members. At Homeward, we have tracked data on how eviction affects our neighbors experiencing homelessness in the Richmond region. In our July 2017 Point-in-Time count, Homeward asked people about their experiences with evictions.

We asked people whether they had:

  • Ever gotten a notice from landlord that you needed to do something (like pay rent or fix a problem) or you would be evicted – 40.4% (provide notice to tenant; pay or quit or notice to quit)
  • Ever gone to court over housing issues – 25.0% (summons for unlawful detainer and trial)
  • Ever gotten a legal notice saying that you needed to leave the place you lived by a certain date and time – 32.4% (writ of possession for unlawful detainer)

Ever kicked out of a place you were living – 38.9%

We also found that the population experiencing homelessness in the Greater Richmond region is mobile – over half had lived in two or more places (not including shelter) in the past year. And of course, most were planning to move in the next year as they would be leaving shelter.

Because adequate income and affordable housing are limited resources for many people in our community, there are no easy solutions to the housing crisis faced by our poorest neighbors. Additionally, there is no one-size-fits-all for homeless prevention and solution plans. For these reasons, it is essential that we support the collective work of partnering agencies that staff Housing Navigators, a unique role designed to guide and support clients through the process of creating and implementing a housing plan. In providing this service, agencies are assisting both low-income tenants and landlords by helping to build stable tenants for stable housing.

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