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Volunteer Positions for Project Homeless Connect

Navigators: (Two shifts: 8AM-1PM & 11AM-4:00PM) Be part of an important group of volunteers that supports clients from entrance to exit. You do not have to have any experience in social services or working with individuals experiencing homelessness, just a desire to help those in need. Navigators act as guides, escorting clients to the areas where they can get food, services, and appointments. You will meet and welcome your client at Intake, then take them through a structured set of questions. You will stay with one client from the time the client enters the exhibit hall through discharge (this may take a few hours or all day). If you finish escorting one client and still have time, you will greet another client at Intake and guide that client through the service areas.

Greeters: (shift begins at 7AM) Greeters will help to create a welcoming, hospitable atmosphere while clients wait for the doors to open at 9:00 a.m.You may be serving coffee/donuts, making conversation, or holding someone’s place in line while they use the restroom.Duties may also include becoming a Navigator as the line of people waiting gets shorter. Spanish-speaking skills are a plus!

Food Service: (10:45AM – 2PM) At Project Homeless Connect, we will serve a cafeteria style meal to all clients, volunteers, and service providers. Volunteers in the café area will: Plate food and interact with clients at they receive their lunch. Act as servers to many of the agencies in attendance. Deliver plated food to clients that may be waiting in lines. Assist in cleaning up once lunch service has been completed.

Housing Search Volunteers: (8AM-4PM) This role is responsible for assisting clients in their on-line search for affordable housing. Volunteers in this role will meet one-on-one with PHC guests, and perform a housing search in a web-based affordable housing database. Last year at PHC, guests experienced long wait times for this high-demand service, so we are expanding the capacity of this role. A training webinar will be made available to Housing Search volunteers in early September. We will also have a section lead on hand during the event to assist volunteers with any issues. There will be two, 1 hr lunch breaks (12:00-1:00PM and 1:00-2:00PM) for two groups of 10 volunteers.

Discharge: (shift begin at 8:00 a.m.) The discharge area is the final stop for clients before obtaining any giveaway items. It is an opportunity to ensure that individuals seeking services obtain what they came for. Discharge volunteers will collect feedback on the event and important data related to who visited us and what services requested and received. This information provides us with aggregate data that is used to help with future planning and quantification of service needs.Discharge volunteers also hand out toiletries and other needed items to clients before they obtain clothes and leave the event.

Data Entry: (shift begins at 10AM) Detail-oriented volunteers are needed to help enter data from the intake and discharge forms that are collected at the event. Data Entry volunteers will have little or no interaction with clients; however, depending on the number of volunteers and the workload, they may have time to walk around the event or serve as a temporary navigator. The information entered by Data Entry volunteers provides us with aggregate data that is used to help with future planning and quantification of service needs.

Clean Up: (shift begins at 3PM) Clean up volunteers will help us break down the event including packing clothing and toiletries as well as taking down service provider equipment. This position will require lifting and moving heavy objects.

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